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    Templates and Toolbars (Word 2K)

    I have a template for a report form that I use frequently. Some of my fellow workers want to use it but I don't have the time to set some of the macros I use with Word on their PCs. Call me crazy but I have three macros attached to three toolbar buttons that do all the formatting I need. I would appreciate any suggestion on how to set up my template so that when it is used by others they have the three toolbar buttons and macros available to them. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!

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    Re: Templates and Toolbars (Word 2K)

    Macros are stored in modules; these modules are stored in documents or templates. If you activate the Visual Basic Editor (Alt+F11) and view the Project Explorer (Ctrl+R), you can find out where your macros "live".
    If the module containing the macros is not stored in your template, you can copy it there. In the Project Explorer, this is done by dragging a module and dropping it on the template. This will make the macros available whenever a document based on the template is open.

    When you customize toolbars, the Customize dialog lets you specify where changes are stored. By default, this is in, but in this case, you should specify your template. That will make the custom buttons available whenever a document based on the template is open.

    When you have done this, you can give a copy of the template to your fellow workers; they should store it in their template folder. Then, they will be able to create new documents based on the template; the macros and toolbar buttons will be available.

    Alternatively, you can store your template (or a copy of it) on a shared network folder. Your fellow workers can make this their Workgroup Templates folder (Tools/Options..., File Locations tab).

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