Dummy alert. I'm in need of a pointer or ten to the right steps to:

1. Under WinXPPro, install IIS
2. Install FPSE 2002
3. Get the blasted stuff to work together so I can post a new web site to a IIS/5.0 server (nexpoint.net).

I'm confused by all the terminology and the settings in XP Pro and just don't know where to start. The site has been living comfortably on a unix server for some time, and I use FP2002 to publish changed pages regularly.

Now, moving into a new arena where we'll have ASP and database support, I'm having a tough time transferring what I know now (very little, I might add) to what I have to know on the new server.

Can someone point me in a direction for newbie instructions on this new setup, pretty please?