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    Re: Formatting changes printing to HP5L (97 & 2000

    HP is constantly tweaking its printer drivers, and might even have different versions for Windows 95 and 98. Can you verify that you have the latest drivers for the 5L installed on your Windows 98 machine?

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    Formatting changes printing to HP5L (97 & 2000)

    I am running two PCs which are networked. One PC is running Windows 95 and has Microsoft Office97 installed and an HP LaserJet 5L attached. The other PC is running Windows 98SE and has MSOffice 2000 installed. If I create a document in Word 2000 on the Win98Se machine and print it over the network to the LaserJet attached to the Win95 machine the document prints with some formatting changes. Specifically, any underlining prints high, almost running into the characters above. Also, any shading given to paragraphs is misplaced. If I open the same document on the Win95 machine and print it from there, it prints as it should. That may be my only solution but it would be nice to be able to print directly from the Win98SE machine.

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