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    Recover Deleted Items Causes Outlook to Close (2000 / Exchange 5.5)

    Weird problem. A user used to be able to Recover deleted items no problem. Now when she selects Deleted Items folder, then chooses Tools, Recover Deleted Items, Outlook closes. Yes, closes. She's tried it on another machine and the problem followed her.

    We've tried Detect and Repair on Outlook, Office, and Internet Explorer. We've check to see if she has any rules setup to automatically close Outlook. I haven't found anything in MS Knowledge Base. Nothing has worked. I looked at her Exchange mailbox properties and nothing looks out of the ordinary. We are going to have someone else log on to her machine and see if the problem happens to them.

    Our next step will most likely be to uninstall and reinstall Office.

    A little more info...Her machine is a laptop and she uses offline folders. This worked up to last week for her. It actually stopped working the day before we had to reboot the server because our spam filter stopped working and hung up the incoming queues on the server.

    Has anyone see this problem before or have any ideas what could cause this?


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    Re: Recover Deleted Items Causes Outlook to Close (2000 / Exchange 5.5)

    A corrupted Message or other Item in the Deleted Folder could be a possible cause; I have experienced this as a user. Exchange Adminstration may want to see if they can attempt to recover the item (I'm a mere client side User, I don't know how that might be done), failing that the User may have to Purge the Item rather than attempt a recovery ... so they won't get it back.

    On the Offline Folder question, has the user reset the Offline Folders file service through Tools, Services, Exchange Server, Properties, Advanced, Offline Folder File Settings, etc.? Outlooks' "pointers" to PST files and OST files are easily lost if the file is moved or disconnected, and need to be reset.
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