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    Restricting update access to own records (Access 2000 SP1)


    I'm planning to set up a shared Access database and implement Access security so that the users can't do too much damage!. I want the users I set up to be able to add, edit and delete records in the database - no problem - BUT I would like to prevent users mucking up each other's records.

    I'm thinking that the way to do this is to include the value of CurrentUser as part of the record - either as part of the key, or just as an indexed field in its own right - and then apply a filter to the records that are displayed (all the updates, deletes etc. will be via a form, not directly in datasheet view, and users will not be able to create ad hoc queries).

    Is this the correct way to proceed, and has anyone set up something similar? This sounds like it should be a fairly common business requirement, regardless of whether one uses Access or a SQL Server back end ...



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    Re: Restricting update access to own records (Access 2000 SP1)

    You will probably want a separate form for editing records in this scenario - it may look just like the display form, but the display form would be exactly that. You could allow the display form to add records, or you could have a separate (and probably layed out differently) form for doing the adds as well. With that approach, when users try to edit, they would only see each other's records. In summary, your approach seems reasonable and should work.

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