Hello All,

I just thought that I'd drop everyone a note letting you know that my Bayesian-based e-mail filtering program is now publicly available. "Junk-Out for Outlook" is a junk mail filtering program that uses Bayesian statistics to keep the Junk-Out of your Microsoft Outlook Inbox. Junk-Out runs EXCLUSIVELY from within Microsoft Outlook 2002 or Microsoft Outlook 2000 and it's 100% Microsoft Exchange Server compatible (sorry folks but it doesn't work with Outlook 97, Outlook 98, or Outlook Express). The program has been mentioned a few times on this group in the past and so I just wanted to let those of you who might be interested know that it's now available.

I've worked long and hard on Junk-Out (for more than a year now!) and so I'm more than sure that you'll be happy with the program as it works absolute wonders at filtering junk mail out of Outlook's Inbox (and if it doesn't, it comes with a 100% money back guarantee). Thus, if you're looking for a Bayesian junk mail filter that's tightly integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Junk-Out might just be the program you've been looking for!

Junk-Out comes in two versions; a "Basic" version that is designed for novice users (or those users who just want to install it and forget about it) and a "Professional" version that includes all of the bells and whistles for demanding power users.

The Basic version of the program is very easy to use. You simply install the program into Outlook using its automated setup routine, walk through the Getting Started Setup Wizard that appears the first time you start Outlook, and then sit back and watch it work its magic. If the program happens to miss a message or two along the way, you can further train its Bayesian filter by simply clicking on the "Mark Message as Junk" or "Mark Message as Non-Junk" buttons on the programs toolbar or menu bar. Note that there's even a new mail notification feature built right into the program that alerts you via system tray notification messages when new mail of interest arrives in your Inbox (This is one of the "new" features of Outlook 2003, but those of you using Outlook 2002 or Outlook 2000 can now have it too).

The Professional version of Junk-Out has everything that's included in the basic version but it also goes much further by allowing the user to control all aspects of the program (including how it integrates with Microsoft Outlook, etc.) and it provides a number of extra features such as plain text message previews, the ability to send Bounce Messages, and the ability to scan or rescan any message (or all messages within a selected folder) at the click of a button.

If you're interested in reading more on what Junk-Out has to offer, you can check out my brand new web site located at:


From my web site, you can see a complete list of Junk-Out's features (including screen shots), download a 21-day Trial version, and even purchase the program if you choose to do so.

Please note that the Trial version is identical to the Basic version but it also has an occasional nag screen and it expires after 21 days. Sorry, but there's not a trial of the Pro version available at this time. If you want to use the Pro version, you'll have to purchase a copy.

Also, please note that the web site is still a "work in progress", and as such, it will continue to be updated over the next few days/weeks. Thus, if something doesn't work properly, just post a note here (or send mail to the webmaster) and I'll do my best to answer any questions that you may have about the program or web site.

Lastly, a HUGE thanks goes out to Paul Graham, Gary Robinson, and Greg Louis for all of their outstanding work in figuring out how to apply Bayesian statistics to the filtering of junk e-mail. Junk-Out uses techniques described by all of these folks in its Bayesian-based e-mail filter and I couldn't have done it without them.