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    Setting print trays in .dots (Word 2000, SP3)

    I have created a template with 3 pages. I have protected it for forms as it contains fields. I have then set pages 1 and 2 to print from the default print tray (tray 4) and page 3 to print from Tray 2 (headed paper). I have then saved the template in to a templates folder on the network (where each user loads their templates from). when the user goes into file new and chooses to create a document from the template it loads fine but changes so that all three of the pages now print from the default tray.

    Is there any way of forcing the template to retain the print trays I set from my machine? Hope this all makes sense.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Setting print trays in .dots (Word 2000, SP3)

    If the printer that was active at the time you created the template is different from the printer that is active at the time the user creates the document (and by printer, I really mean printer driver and other settings), Word may take it upon itself to make what it believes are appropriate corrections.

    If you can rule out changes due to different active printers, I'd suspect an issue with your page setup settings for the two sections. Perhaps the settings in the first section (pages 1-2) somehow overrode the settings for the second section (page 3). Further diagnosis would require that you post a zipped template so that we could fiddle with it.

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