A collegue cannot link from Access XP to backend databases in A97 format (File > Get External Data > Link). It fails with an error message about not being able to convert formats (he is describing the problem to me over the telephone, so I can't see the actual error message.) He has two computers -- linking fails on one, but works fine on the other. We tried creating new, blank frontend files with the same results. Tried the frontend in both A2002 and A2000 format. I tried to replicate the problem on my own computer, but it worked perfectly. We have tried linking to both secured and unsecured backends.

The only difference he can think of is that the failing machine originally had A97, which was subsequently upgraded to A2000, and then to A2002. The working machine has a complete, from-scratch install of AXP. He has re-installed several times on the failing machine, following (what he thinks is) all the right steps.

Does anybody know the solution?