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    Provide Fixed Style Choices to User (2000)

    Hi, Is it possible to give a User a choice of styles to use to format a section of a document and somehow set things up so that the User cannot change any of the styles or add new styles? The document consists of a protected section, which is a form, and then an unprotected section, which is where the User can enter any text, tables, etc. they want - but they need to use a given fixed list of style choices that cannot be changed by them.


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    Re: Provide Fixed Style Choices to User (2000)

    You could create a custom toolbar with buttons for the styles you want to be available, or a custom menu with style items, or a dropdown list of styles (you would have to create the dropdown list in code). Make sure changes will be saved in your template or document.
    When it's finished, lock the toolbar by going to the Visual Basic Editor (Alt+F11), activating the Immediate window (Ctrl+G) and typing

    CommandBars("<toolbarname>").Protection =msoBarNoCustomize

    Replace <toolbarname> by the name of your toolbar.

    Users will still be able to use the built-in methods for selecting a style. If you want to prevent this, you'll have to do a lot of customizing...

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