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    Graphical what if's (access 97)

    Here is the problem, I would like to ba able to create a graphical view of two related fields of "name" and "BidAmount" and be able to connect them to two other related fields of "product" and "productcost". I would like to show the percentage value of "BidAmount" to "productcost". I would like to be able to move and connect "name and Bid Amount" fields to other "product and productcost" fields then have the new percentage values update without having to recreate the formula. Am trying to use colored fill in the fields and seems to be graphically sufficient. I have 200 sets of "name and BidAmount " and 200+ sets of ""product and productcost" values and woul like to be able to edit "BidAmount" and "productcost" fields as well as add new sets of each.

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    Re: Graphical what if's (access 97)

    Can you be more specific?
    <UL><LI>Would you like to create a chart using the built-in tools in Excel or Access, or a custom graphic?
    <LI>What exactly would you like to be displayed, and how?
    <LI>Can you give us an idea of how your data are set up?[/list]

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