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    Automatic fit contents to cell size/column width (Excel 2000/SP3)

    I think this might be a real teaser....!

    I use Excel to print labels for the spines of my filing. Because I use a 'template' (not in the Excel sense of the word) I enter all the text in one place which is then referenced elsewhere in the spreadsheet, with formats applied (change of orientation, colour etc etc) for printing for the spine etc.

    I'd like to know if there's any fancy way of being able to AUTOMATICALLY adjust the contents of the cell to fit the column widths in these referenced cells where the column width has been set up to fit the size required for the spine etc. I currently size the font afterwards to maximise its fit to the column width.

    Help please!


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    Re: Automatic fit contents to cell size/column width (Excel 2000/SP3)

    You can check the Shrink to Fit box in Format/Cells..., Alignment tab.

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