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    Edit Picture function is disabled after upgrading

    Some of the users I support have very much in their fingertips this function, and I hate to hear them say things like "I thought the upgrade should provide more functionality, not take away my favourites..."
    The scenario is a basic word document with some text and one picture. The picture may be inserted either with cut-paste, or insert - picture - fromfile. The img-formats are bitmap, jpeg or whatever.

    - In word 2k, right-clicking the picture provides the "edit picture" on the popup menu
    - In word 2002, the "edit picture" function is disabled (greyed out)

    I've been trying this with the same doc on two PCs with each of the word versions.
    With word 2002, I've tried changing any suspicious word Option, and I've checked that I'm not missing any options/tools from the installation.

    I know several other ways that my users may learn to do their picture editing / annotations, but just now I would very much appreciate if anyone know the reason or logic for this specific problem, and if there is some solution to make "edit picture" available also in word 2002.

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    Re: Edit Picture function is disabled after upgrading

    I see Edit Picture grayed out too. But, I noticed that if you insert the picture via Insert | Object | Create from File,
    you can edit it by right-clicking on the pic, the Object Name Object | Edit. Don't know why you have to jump
    through this hoop. Maybe a graphics 'spert can help us out.
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