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    XP deleting files?? (Win XP)

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    One of our members writes:
    <hr>My new XP computer (Toshiba 6100) has been deleting files. The first one I noticed was "charmap" (both the program and the related dll). I figured out how to restore it from the I386 directory. Recently I noticed that all the Windows games (Minesweeper, etc.) were deleted, then that the Volume Control (sndctr32) file was deleted, in each case along with the hlp file and another cs_ file, I don't know what the underline replaces.

    I somehow need to know 1) What XP has deleted, and 2) If it's stopped doing it, and 3) If it would be safe to just go into I386 and do a batch command to decompress everything there.

    I can't imagine it's a virus. I've never been on the Internet with it. The only programs I've installed are SIL programs and ones that are over 2 years old. I just installed AVG with an updated virus file and it checked out fine. It seems to me that I have somehow activated (or XP, aka "Hal", activated on its own initiative) a program to delete non-essential files to preserve hard drive space. I noticed that from the first time I turned this computer on, the "clear desktop" shortcut was missing, though the documentation said it would automatically be on the taskbar. I've never found the file, since I don't know what it's called.<hr>
    TIA for your help

    Bob Wahlen

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    Re: XP deleting files?? (Win XP)

    Move unused desktop shortcuts:
    <UL><LI>Right-click the Desktop, and select Properties
    <LI>In the Display control panel, activate the Desktop tab
    <LI>Click Edit Desktop...[/list]Hide unused system tray items:
    <UL><LI>Right-click an empty part of the Task Bar, and select Properties.
    <LI>Near the bottom of the dialog, you'll find a check box and command button that control this.[/list]There is a utility for cleaning out unused files (you'll find it in Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Toolset), but I don't think this is run automatically.

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