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    Lack of Java (Windows XP, SP1)

    Prior to installing SP1, I could not view webpages that required Java. I got a message asking me if I wanted to install Java-something (not sure of the exact message). When I replied yes, I got a message saying I did not have an updated version of Windows. So I downloaded SP1 and now do not get the message asking me to install Java. When I go to the same webpages, they load but not entirely. I can see most of the page, but cannot click on any links, etc. After searching around a bit, I came across some blurb that seems to indicate I need to get the MS VM. I'm not sure if that will fix my problem, nor am I sure of exactly which VM to download. I also came across a blurb about downloading Java directly from Sun, but the same blurb seemed to indicate that doing that made the problem worse. Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Lack of Java (Windows XP, SP1)

    Hi, Tril ~

    M$ posted the newest and latest version of their JVM recently an the Windows Update site. It is a revised version because of a security problem in the virtual machine. It is 5.1 Mb. Go to:<UL><LI> 'Start' > 'Run' > type cmd > 'OK' > type jview > enter[/list]The topmost line you will see '[b]Microsoft

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