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    Customise save dialogue boxes

    I know I've seen the answer to this somewhere, but can't find it at the moment. How can I customise the locations appearing in the left hand bar of win2k/Off2k save as/open dialogue boxes? I never use most of them and would like to add some drives.


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    Re: Customise save dialogue boxes

    There are two different locations for those save dialogs. And there's more than one way to skin a cat (so to speak, down kitty).

    First of all, TweakUI is one way to do it. <A target="_blank" HREF=,,000LV3,.html>Download TweakUI 2000</A> and go to the Open tab. This will allow you to change the dialog that is not associated with Office.

    You can also <A target="_blank" HREF=>download X-Setup</A>, the mother of all tweaking utilities. This will allow you to change the Office defaults as well. X-Setup is worth a download for much more than just the Office dialogs.

    And the best solution, for Office anyway - is Woody's home-grown <A target="_blank" HREF=>Placebar Customizer</A>. Way better. It allows you to specify 8 locations instead of the usual four, only for Office apps! It could be (ahem) a little easier to find on the WOPR website....searching the site turns up no results.

    Happy tweaking.

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