Hoping someone might have some info on this. Client tried to install a wi-fi card in his PC, everything "seemed screwy" afterwards so he removed it (actually didn't need it anyway.) We go to fix his video (drivers were corrupt, would only display low res) and when we went into device manager -- in normal mode, not just in safe mode -- there were several duplicates for most devices. If you tried to just delete them, they'd reinstall themselves. (We did manage to get video fixed).

The only way this is currently manifesting itself as a problem is with printing. It occasionally sees the printer, but not usually. Printer has both USB and Parallel so we tried switching, and it would work once on each and that was it. We totally removed printer and reinstalled, checked ports, IRQs, etc.

The info I've found online only mentions these duplicates being viewable in SafeMode, which makes me wonder if something really weird is going on.

Any insight would be most welcome! Thanks in advance!