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    Decimal format prevents backward conversion (All)

    Numeric - decimal fields must be changed into double/single ones before backward conversion (to 97) of a 2000/XP database can be completed succesfully. The loss of the last 15 digits might not be an issue for most of us... (or isn't it?)

    When converting a database from 2000(/XP?) I got a general error message indicating a wrong field type and no database was generated. As it wasn't too specific, it took me some time to find out that is was the issue decribed above which prevented the process from being successful. Hoping that this tip might save somebody having a larger database than mine some time :-)


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    Re: Decimal format prevents backward conversion (All)

    This is one of the few physical differences that will trip you up in converting back to an earlier version. For the most part, features specific to Access 2000 or 2002 simply won't convert or code specific to those versions will break when you attempt to compile it in Access 97. The decimal datatype did not exist in 97, so naturally it can't convert.

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