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Thread: MS Query (XP)

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    MS Query (XP)

    Can you create a custom list in Query, like you can in Excel? My problem is an Excel template is being linked to an dbf file via Query. I need to sort that info in an order other than numerical or alphabetical. If I am passing the information on from a MS Query to Excel template (a requirement to link to GoldMine software), then each time a new document is opened from the template, the macro isn't there. This file will be shared by many people over the network and I don't want to have the macro appear for each user. When I try to save the macro to the template, all my data disappears!

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    Re: MS Query (XP)

    I don't think you can have a custom sort list in MSQuery, but I'm not sure, I'm no SQL expert.

    I'm confused about the macro bit. If you open a template for editing (using FIle, open) and add macro's to it, the macros should be there in new workbooks created based on that template. A workbook based on a template is nothing more than an exact *copy* of the template (at least that was the case up to Excel 2000).
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