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    Bad data2.msi? (Pub 2000/Win2k)

    One of my users is having trouble running publisher. when she tries to run it, it says preparing to install and then asks for the Publisher 2000 disc (she has Office Small Business edition with publisher) so I put in the disc and it doesnt like it, so I browse, find data2.msi on disc 2 and click ok. it thinks about it for a minute and then says it's a bad msi package and then stops, and publisher doesnt run.

    However, if I log onto the machine as administrator, it runs no problem, doesnt say preparing to install or anything.

    more info:
    Kira's user account is a Power User (Ive since bumped her up to Administrator but that didnt help either)
    I tried right-clicking it and Run As administrator and that didnt help either
    she's not having any other issues with any other Office application, just publisher

    Added 9:00AM CST
    I just found that the person at the desk next to her had a Publisher 2000 CD (standalone, not office) so I popped that in and IT WORKED. I exited, put the disc back, ran it again and asked for the disc again, so Im thinking somehow it managed to get set as "run from CD"? Im trying to un-install it now, and it seems to be hanging, I dont know why..

    any suggestions would be appreciated

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    Re: Bad data2.msi? (Pub 2000/Win2k)

    Hi Mark,

    Just a thought - make sure you're using the latest version of the ms installer running on the suspect PC. Some/all of the later msi files don't work with the earlier versions.


    Paul Edstein
    [MS MVP - Word]

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