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Thread: An Oddity?

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    An Oddity?

    Can anyone explain what's going on with the following (tip given to me by a friend)?

    I'll assume you have a spreadsheet with a few cells containing numbers, formula or both.

    Now draw a text box somewhere in the file (doesn't have to be on the same sheet as the above numbers, formula). Right now you can type text in the text box as is normally the case. If you want, do type some text.

    Now click in the formula bar. If you had not typed anything, your insertion point disappears; if you had, then the text and insertion point both disappear.

    Next, click on a cell - any cell - that had the constants or formulas. The "copy" marquee appears around the cell.

    Last, hit enter. The value of the cell appears in the text box. YOu can no longer type in the text box (it is no longer a text box in the traditional sense). Change the cell you clicked on (or change one of the cells that are in the formula for the cell you clicked on). The value in the text box changes to match the cell's new value.

    This worked on my Excel 97. I think my friend was using Excel 2000.



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    Re: An Oddity?

    Hi fburg

    I think he/she is describing how to put a simple reference formula in a textbox (object).

    Place a textbox on any worksheet.
    With the textbox selected, click in the formula bar.
    Type: =
    Select cell A1 and then push enter.
    Type any text ot number in A1.

    There is (IMO) a better way though.

    Select cell A1 (while it has some entry in it)
    Hold down your shift key and go to Edit>Copy Picture
    Accept the defaults and click Ok.
    Paste anywhere.

    This is a linked picture of cell A1.

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    Re: An Oddity?

    Fred, this is a "feature", than can be useful to display a cell content in a specially formatted box/frame etc.
    Details from the help file attached
    Link a chart title or text box to a worksheet cell
    You can link an existing chart title to a worksheet cell or create a new text box that is linked to a worksheet cell.

    Do one of the following:
    To link a title, click the title.

    To create a linked text box, click the chart area.

    In the formula bar, type an equal sign (=).

    Select the worksheet cell that contains the data or text you want shown in your chart.
    You can also type the reference to the worksheet cell. Include the sheet name, followed by an exclamation point; for example:


    Press ENTER.

    Have a Great day - Remember it is your choice!

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