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    Windows XP Registry (XP Home OEM installation)

    I have a long running problem with Eudora Pro that Factory Support cannot solve, although they have tried over the months.
    Eudora crashes regurlary on fancy text in messages that I am responding to, long messages, multiple thread responses, or anything unusual. I figure it is something in Windows, since new versions of Eudora all act the same.

    I next plan to do the following and solicit warnings and suggestions on what I plan to do.

    Rather than reload Windows I think I will try to remove all mention of Eudora in the registry, after uninstalling Eudora. I have found 10 or 20 mentions in the registry with the program installed.

    I also plan to open the hidden files and delete any references to Eudora there also.

    Then I plan to reload Eudora Pro and test it.

    Then I plan to reinstall the mailboxes and other data files.

    Is this a correct procedure that won't destroy the contents of the hard disk? Is there a better procedure/idea to attack the problem?


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    Re: Windows XP Registry (XP Home OEM installation)

    Sounds like a decent plan to me, proceed with caution! Before you start, make a System State backup to make sure your registry is safe in case disaster strikes.

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