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    Auto Caption 'must be turned on' (Word XP)

    For my template, I'm wanting to 'forcefully' turn on Auto Captioning for graphics/tables and table gridlines when the user starts my templates. How do I do that? I think I must have to place something in Auto_Open?

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    Re: Auto Caption 'must be turned on' (Word XP)

    If you want to set something when the user creates a new document based on a template, use the Document_New event in the ThisDocument class module of the template. If you want to do it every time the user opens a document based on a template, use the Document_Open event in ThisDocument. (AutoNew and AutoOpen can still be used, but they are "old-fashioned" relics from earlier versions of Word)

    Before you do this, determine exactly which auto captions you want to activate. Run the following macro:

    Sub ListAutoCaptions()
    Dim ac As AutoCaption
    For Each ac In AutoCaptions
    Debug.Print ac.Name
    Next ac
    End Sub

    This will list all available AutoCaption objects in the Immediate window (press Ctrl+G in the Visual Basic Editor to get to the Immediate window). In your Document_New or Document_Open macro, use instructions like this to turn on auto captioning:

    AutoCaptions("Microsoft Word Table").AutoInsert = True

    where you get the names from the listing you just made. To display table grid line, use

    ActiveWindow.View.TableGridlines = True

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