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    IE 5.5 won't open .txt files

    I'm running Internet Explorer 5.5 (v 5.50.4522.1800) on Windows 2000 Professional SP1. In one of Woody's Windows Watch emails, he recommended Notepad+, which turns out to be a great program. However, since I installed Notepad+, Internet Explorer won't display .txt files. Instead, it prompts me to save or run them. If I choose to run them, Notepad+ pops up and displays an application error (e.g. Exception EFOpenError in module NOTEPAD.EXE at 0000A8FC. Cannot open file D:tempTemporary Internet FilesContentIE5YJSR0ZGHircodes[1].txt"

    I've tried several things, inlcuding uninstalling Notepad+ and removing the .txt extension from the list of registered file types. Nothing seems to help.

    Suggestions welcome.

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    Re: IE 5.5 won't open .txt files

    Have you tried reinstalling 5.5?

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