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    A museum I'm working with gives its employees one free museum pass every month. For years, a museum worker has had to key in the names of all 90-odd employees on those passes. Then they print the passes on thick paper and cut them out with scissors! I'm setting up an automated system for printing the passes on microperfed name-badge stock, and I've keyed all the names into an MS-Access file. My initial plan was to merge the Access file into Word. Now my question: Is this the best way to go? Is there a way to do the same thing directly in Access?

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    Re: Mail-Merge

    Hi Caesar,

    You can use either Word or Access for this. As for which one would be the best would be determined by 1) how well you know Access 2) the type of name-badge stock you are using.

    If using a stock name badge such as the Avery 5095, 5362, 5384, etc. then you should be able to easily do this in Access. Access has a Label Wizard available for New Reports much like Word.

    If you are using an odd label size and it needs to be customized then you can add a custom label size to either application, however if you aren't familiar with Access Word would probably be best for this.

    I suggest that you try the Access route first. You will find better response time since you are working with a single application.

    If you run into difficulty then set up a Mail Merge in Word for this.

    Here is an article from the MS Word FAQ site on Mail Merge in Word if you need some assistance:
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