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    IE 6 Weird Stuff (6.02)

    There is something weird I noticed on my pc that I never noticed before or ever had a problem with. I see internet explorer open and on my taskbar. When I click on it, nothing happens. I need to right click and close it. The only option I have. I scanned my hard drive for viruses, also used Adaware and scanned with that. Is this some type of a virus. Has anyone had this same problem? Weird stuff. I hope someone can help. If I move my cursor over it, it just says Microsoft Internet Explorer. It's like it opens it's own window yet I cannot use it. Thanks for any help.

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    Re: IE 6 Weird Stuff (6.02)

    If you visit a site with lots of pop-up ads, you often get these. They typically contain code that either hides the window offscreen, so you can't see it when it is restored, or they have code that immediately returns focus to another window when you try to access it, or both. The best thing to do in the first case is right-click the (what is that thing called?) on the taskbar and close it ASAP before it can spawn any more windows (they often contain code for timed pop-ups). In the second case, you usually have to shut down IE to get rid of it.

    A pop-up stopper probably is the best antidote in the long run.

    Isn't scripting fun?

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