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    Missing switchboards (Access2000)

    I used the switchboard wizard to create three switchboards to open reports easily but they don't seem to be showing up under Forms. There is a list in Tables named "Switchboard Items" but nothing in Forms. How do I find my switchboards?

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    Re: Missing switchboards (Access2000)

    The Switchboard Manager creates only one form named Switchboard (bound to the Switchboard Items table) in a database. When you create a new "switchboard" using the Switchboard Manager, you are in fact creating new items in the Switchboard Items table; the code behind the Switchboard form takse care of displaying the "switchboards".

    If there is no form names "Switchboard" in your database, try the following:
    <UL><LI>Rename the "Switchboard Items" table to, say, "Switchboard Items Old".
    <LI>Select Tools/Database Utilities/Switchboard Manager.
    <LI>Access will tell you that there is no switchboard yet and ask if it is OK to create a new one. Click Yes.
    <LI>If you get a warning that the Switchboard form already exists, something strange is going on - you stated that there is no Switchboard form.
    <LI>Otherwise, close the Switchboard Manager immediately.
    <LI>There should be a form named Switchboard now. If not, it seems likely that your Access installation is damaged; try Detect and Repair.
    <LI>If you do have a Switchboard form, rename the (new) "Switchboard Items" table to, say, "Switchboard Items New", and rename the original one back from "Switchboard Items Old" to "Switchboard Items".
    <LI>Open the Switchboard form - it should display the items you created earlier.[/list]Post back with details if you still have problems.

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