I have got a problem in my Outlook program that I have had for a while but cannot fix. Several times today--although this has happened in the past too--the program gave me a popup screen that said it had to be properly configured. When I click OK, I get a choice of several existing .pst folders (one for Outlook, another for Outlook express, another for archives). I cancelled out of this several times rather than do anything, but I begin having difficulties. Some messages would lock up the program when I tried to open them, and I would have to restart. This last time I got the popup screen, I went ahead and configured to "Outlook.pst" and everything seems fine. The only thing is now on the folder list in Outlook I have three identical sets of Personal Folders. I cannot figure out how to get back to just one, and I certainly don't know why the program should be telling me to reconfigure. Can anybody help with this? I sure would appreciate it.