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Thread: Slow shut down

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    Slow shut down

    Okay, I'm pretty much up and running with Windows 2000 on my new computer. I'm in the middle of loading all my software and am learning about "Administrator" and "User" accounts. I've just changed my "user" account over to "administrator" in CONTROL PANEL, PASSWORDS so I won't have to keep loging out and back in. When I'm done installing software I'll change my personal account back to "user".

    In doing all the account switching back and forth I've noticed that sometimes I get a ver quick shut down, and other times it takes a very long time. Can someone explain what is causing the long periods of "Saving your settings" on some of the shut downs?

    Windows 2000 Pro with Service Pack 3.

    Thank you,
    BH Davis

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    Re: Slow shut down

    I experienced lengthy "save settings" when I had some unprinted bogus documents in my printer. I canceled all documents for that printer (Epson bug).

    Should not hurt to run Spybot and Adaware in principal and last but not least a chkdsk (Drive name) /R if you are really desperate.

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