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    converting V 2K to V 97 (V 2K)

    My daughter has taken on the editing/production of a newsletter for a community group. She has been sent the text and graphics in the form of a Publisher 2000 file. She only has access to Publisher V 97, and has been told that Pub 2K can only save backwards to V 98. Not a lot of use if she knows no-one with V 98. So my questions are: (a) is it true that Pub 2K will only save back to V 98? ([img]/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img] in the absence of access to V 98, is there anything she can do to be able to open and work on it in V 97, short of having to redo the whole layout ?

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    Re: converting V 2K to V 97 (V 2K)

    Hi Eggles,

    Whilst it's true that the only other publisher format that Publisher 2000 will save to is Publisher 98, there are numerous other file formats that might provide a stepping stone between the two. For example, Publisher 2000 can also read and write RTF files. I suspect Publisher 97 can too. If so, perhaps you could get the author to save as RTF.


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