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    David Cristallo

    Querying Access db from Excel

    Hi there,

    I'm new to Access and my question is probably stupid:
    Let's say, I've got one access table, tblCountries, with a list of countries and their associated abbreviation and ISO code. From Excel, I would like to retrieve, for a given country abbreviation, the corresponding ISO code. Is it possible to retrieve this information without using a recordset to store the returned ISO code ?


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    Re: Querying Access db from Excel

    What version of Access and Excel are you using? You can run a query that returns only a single value. Is the Access database linked to the Excel worksheet or are you trying to create a remote connection with ADO?

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    David Cristallo

    Re: Querying Access db from Excel

    Sorry Charlotte,

    I was not clear enough: I need to use the DAO technology as my project will be run in Office97 under Windows NT4. To clarify my question: I would like to know if I can query Access from Excel to retrieve a single value without using a recordset object. Is it possible to execute a SQL query from Excel that would return a single value ? If so, could you please point me in the right direction ?


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