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    Saving a PDF (XP)

    Ok I am not sure if you guys are able to answer this but you are my last resort. I have a word document with a Meta file in it. Now the problem occurs when i go to save the Metafile as a PDF because I have a flower with colours that over lap on the petal, I get square boxes around the flower petals or I get a grey flower.
    It is very annoying and I am at my wits in.
    Please Help!

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    Re: Saving a PDF (XP)

    By metafile I assume you mean WMF format, like clip-art.

    You might have to convert the WMF to another format or to a regular picture. Maybe if you right-click the image and choose the Edit>Convert... submenu? Or right-click, Copy, then Paste Special as a picture. Maybe Save As before experimenting.

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