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    Three table problem (97)

    I have a table that lists singles and a related table that lists the publisher's percentage shares for each of these singles. So a single called 'Hello world' has publishers A and B who each have a 50% share in this single (a one-to-many relationship). In a third table I list the chart positions for each single, such that for the last quarter the single finished at chart position 4, whereas the previous quarter it was at number 1 (another one-to-many relationship). I need to gather information from all three tables to generate a report. No matter how I try to do this I cannot get it to work. Is there something fundamentally wrong with the above-described structure? Andy.

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    Re: Three table problem (97)

    You haven't really given us enough information to know whether there is something fundamentally wrong with the structure. On the surface it doesn't look like it, but you would need to explain exactly how the tables relate before we would know for sure. Assuming that there is a unique ID for the single, something like a SingleID field that is inserted as a foreign key in the other two tables, then there is nothing wrong with the structure. If you explain what information you're trying to get out of these tables for your report, someone should be able to help you.

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