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    Palm Sync With Outlook Bad Email Addresses

    I have a user who syncs his Palm V with his Microsoft Outlook. He can download his email from Outlook to his palm with out a problem. He can view them and even respond to them. Unfortunatly when he responds, the email address the email goes to is not the correct address. For instance: an email that is supposed to go to Mary Smith at will go to He has checked to see that he does not have Mary Smith entered in his contacts anywhere.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Palm Sync With Outlook Bad Email Addresses

    Is the discrepancy related to having different From and Reply-to addresses in the message? I can't imagine that Palm would pluck an address out of thin air...

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    Re: Palm Sync With Outlook Bad Email Addresses

    I had a similar problem when using a Palm with my desktop on a comnpany network using Outlook. If there is a company address book on the system, when syncing the "Outlook Reserved" tag will show as the e-mail address. That is, if on the global address book you would click on "Mary Smith" as the person's name, while underneath that the correct e-mail address would be "mary.smith@disneyworld", or whatever, the Palm syncing process would show either Mary Smith or Outlook Reserved in the slot on both the desktop manager and the handheld itself.

    I was told by a systems type that Intellisync could be configured to correct that, but that the Palm syncing program couldn't.

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