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    Defining Classes (VS.NET)

    Hi All,
    Can anyone give me an easy way to know what the classes will be within an app. For example if I am building a VB.NET webapp to connect to an access database, is it likely that all of the tables in the access db will become classes ? I am having trouble understanding how to define what will be a class...


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    Re: Defining Classes (VS.NET)


    You shouldn't have to worry about defining the Access db tables as classes; the way you are going to be accessing the data is via the data access classes built into .NET.

    What you'll need to have are import statements like this at the top of the web form's code-behind VB module:

    Imports System.Data
    Imports System.OleDb

    - this will then give you access to the ADO.NET objects you need to work with the data.
    You then use things like DataReader, DataAdapter and DataSet objects to work with the data that gets pulled from the Access db.

    The QuickStart tutorials should have some code examples for working with Access data.
    My experience with this stuff was just building one simple ASP.NET app, and I found "Beginning ASP.NET 1.0 with VB.NET" by Wrox Press to be a really accessible intro - I recommend having a look, if a book is an option.


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