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    Move Records (Access XP)

    Within a table, query or form I wish to be able to move the records up or down relative to the other records within the table, query or form.

    Any idea how I can do this.

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    Re: Move Records (Access XP)

    Hi Fruz,

    You can't really move records up or down. Records in an Access table are always stored in the order they were added to the table. But you can change the order in which they are displayed. The Sort Ascending and Sort Ascending buttons on the toolbar provide a quick way to sort a table, query or form on one field. The Records | Filter | Advanced Filter/Sort menu option allows you to specify a more sophisticated sort order. And when you are designing a query, you can specify the sort order in the query grid. If necessary, you can add columns to the query grid (bound to existing fields or calculated expressions) with the sole purpose of sorting the query.

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    Re: Move Records (Access XP)

    Access is not like Excel, it is a database. You actually don't even know the order the records are actually kept in the table; mostly because it is irrelevant. When you view the data, unless you specify what order you want, Access will makes it's own decision. Normally, it will present the data in the order based on the PrimaryKey field(s). To change the order, you can sort a table based on a column in datasheet view, or use the OrderBy clause in an SQL statement.
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