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    View Folder Path (O2K sr1)

    I have a well developed folder tree in Outlook that normally works very well but I occasionally file things in folders that are buried several layers deep. I can do a search to find items in those folders but all Advanced Find tells you is the name of the folder, not its path so I still need to dig through the folder tree to find where I filed the stuff.

    Is there a way to get the path to an item once you

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    Re: View Folder Path (O2K sr1)

    A VBA guru may cobble together a script for you, using folder properties to get at the parent folder(s).

    Failing that you could do what I used to do when I had my OL set up with several levels of folders. I used an abbreviation of the parent folder name as a prefix (suffix would work as well) for the sub folder. I made these prefixes cumulative, so that each level in the folder tree appended an abbreviation to the prefix.

    However, I've since mostly abandoned the folder tree approach and instead rely on categories and custom views. Categories have limitations too, but at least allow more effective use of flags for reminders (flags only work in the default primary folders).
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