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    MS Office Licensing with CITRIX/Terminal Server (2000SP2)

    I am trying to do a HARD Cost evaluation to justify moving to CITRIX Metaframe XP. My boss doesn't want to see all the Administrative savings we would reap for having a centralized server. He figures he pays me to do the stuff anyway, who cares if you can become more efficent.
    I have it half justified with Hardware costs alone. We plan on purchasing about 30 new PC's this year, and I can build thin clients (on a linux machine so no MS OS licensing) for a quarter to half the cost of a regular PC (he likes DELL).
    I was trying to justify the cost of licensing MS Office. I figured that with my Current 50 Licenses. I would be leaving about 20 Clients off Citrix, so I would have 30 available for CITRX. In Metaframe XP you can setup that only X (in this case 30 ) concurrent connections can open an App at a time. So what that I will have 50 nodes connecting to the CITRIX box, I can limit it to 30 concurrent connections to Office, thus staying in License compliance (20 external, +30 Concurrent connections = 50 licences).
    According to MS, not so. I would need one for each CITRIX node. so if I have 50 Citrix connections that would use office, and I have 20 PC's with Office loaded. I would need 70 licenses, a purchase of 20 new licenses, which will eat up the hardware costs savings described earlier, making t even harder for me to justify.
    Can anyone shed some light as to how Office licensing works in a Terminal Service Enviroment?

    Thanks in advance..

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    Re: MS Office Licensing with CITRIX/Terminal Server (2000SP2)

    I can't help with the licensing question, but I had some bad experiences trying to run Outlook over a Citrix connection. After much pain and wasted time the problem turned out to be that our corporate office had all the profiles located on the Head Office server but the regional administrator had limited rights to that server.

    Just something to watch for, if you didn't already know.

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