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    unc names and local drive mappings

    Hello this problem relates to Excel 97 with SR-2 applied running on Windows NT v4

    WE have recently encountered problems with a set of spreadsheets that are linked. A group of people are working on these files and when they were set up, the links all referred to files on the "g" drive. THis was a common local drive mapping.

    For some reason we now open the files and find a mix of "g" references ie local drive mappings and unc references. This wouldn't be a problem but... Excel doesn't seem to recognise that a file on "g" can be the same as one with the full unc path. So if we have the file open and change it, the changes don't flow through to the linked files even if they are open.

    Some of our files have many links (20+).

    We don't know the cause but suspect that someone with a different drive mapping opened and saved some of the files.

    Our big problem is how do we convert all the links back to local references without changing each one ? Can we ?

    Are we right in our assumption of what caused the problem ?

    I have checked the knowledge base but couldn't find anything (that could be due to my woeful search skills).

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    Re: unc names and local drive mappings

    The usual way to do this is to open the target spreadsheets and use "Edit, Links, Change Source" which can be tedious if there are are large number of linked sheets, and even dangerous if you have very complex intertwined linkages. You have to be careful to select the right sheet to change to. But if there are just a few sheets, it's easy to do even though there are a very large number of links.

    <A target="_blank" HREF= w=&sb=&vc=1#Post696>This thread</A>, while it's discussing deleting unwanted links, also has useful information.
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