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    Automation thru Access (Outlook 2000)

    I'm using Automation through Access to send emails. When the user receives the email I do not want them to see my name in the From field, but a another name.

    I have created a contact by the name of JR Consulting with my email address and I want this to be what the people I email see.

    I'm using the .SentOnBehalfOfName property of the MailItem object and when I display the email prior to sending, the From field displays "JR Consulting". But when I send the message the recipeint sees "John Ruff" in the From field, which is the User Name for the email account.

    Can anyone lead me in the right direction so that "JR Consulting" is seen by my email recipients instead of "John Ruff"?


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    Re: Automation thru Access (Outlook 2000)

    I think you'll have to set up an e-mail account named JR Consulting and use that when sending e-mails from Access. Outlook doesn't really allow you to send mail as somebody else - there are already enough problems with fake e-mails. The best you could get with the SentOnBehalfOfName property is - as the name implies - Sent by A on behalf of B, which doesn't hide A's name.

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