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    Dual Startup Configurations? (Home)


    Just got my new Dell 8250. One of my major functions will be mutitrack digital recording, which opertates much more efficiently with certain optimization settings made to the OS, minimal backround apps running, etc., etc.

    I couldn't do this with my old machine (running 98SE), but was told it was possible with XP. I want to have dual startup that loads normally; & one that loads the way I choose to set it up (per the above criteria.) Can this be configured somehow through the multiple user accounts, or, how exactly is it accomplished?


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    Re: Dual Startup Configurations? (Home)

    Hi Mark,

    I believe what you're wanting to do is explained here:

    In a nutshell, you will be selecting hardware profiles at startup - choosing which services will be running, etc. You shouldn't need an additional user to accomplish this. Take a look at the link above and see if it answers the questions you have.

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