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    Images in Word Table (97)

    I created a team roster for my daughter's LAX team. Each player has her own row. In the last cell in each row I inserted a jpg image of that player. Some of the images do not print. If I copy the image and then paste it over the graphic box in the cell, the image will print.

    Any ideas what is causing this problem and how to solve it?

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    Re: Images in Word Table (97)

    Pictures can be "inline" with text or they can "float over" it. In the latter case, they can be omitted from printing using a checkbox under Tools>Options...>Print (in Word 2000, it's under Include with document: Drawing objects. If you have that turned on already, then...

    Are you seeing field codes printed in your table? Like {EMBED MSPaint }? In that case, uncheck Field codes under that same section of the Print options dialog.

    That's all that comes to mind.

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