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    Stop Heading Style Carrying on... (XP SP2)


    I made a template with some heading styles & a Normal style for the body text.
    When using some of the heading styles, when I press Enter after typing the heading - it reverts to Normal (which is what I want).

    On others, it gives the same heading on a second line, as if I want to type another heading of the same level.

    How can I tweak these to behave the same way as the first?



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    Re: Stop Heading Style Carrying on... (XP SP2)

    Make sure that the Styles and Formatting task panel is displayed.

    In this task panel, right click a heading style that doesn't behave the way you like, and click Modify.
    Most probably, Next Paragraph shows the heading style; select Normal from the dropdown list.
    If you want the modification to be applied in the template, check "Add to Template" before clicking OK.

    Note: this won't affect other existing documents, since styles are stored in a document after it has been created. To "synchronize" styles in the document with the styles in the attached template, select Tools | Templates and Add-ins..., and check the "Automatically update styles in document" box.

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