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    Word 97 & Multiple sessions

    Any ideas on this anyone?

    I'm experiencing a problem at the moment with Word 97 whereby I can open one instance of Word successfully, but if a second instance is invoked, the machine crashes,

    The crash always happens at the same place, just as the blank sheet is to be displayed, shortly after the splash screen. This is the same regardless of how Word is opened, for example, double clicking on a doc can cause the crash or opening an attachment from Exchange etc.

    Help ?

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    Re: Word 97 & Multiple sessions

    Since Word has been hanging on you, first go to Start/Find/Files or Folders and search for *.tmp and ~$*.do? files and delete any that you find. (This alone may clear up the problem.)

    Then go to Tools/Templates and Add-Ins and see if there are any Global Templates or Add-Ins loaded.

    If so, then these are located in your Word/Startup folder. If more than one, move them one at a time and see if this makes a difference.

    Here are some additional troubleshooting steps in this article:
    <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>

    Note that the article suggests renaming files in the WordStartup folder, this may not always work so moving is best method.

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    Re: Word 97 & Multiple sessions

    Thanks for that, I'll give them a try,
    BUT... One thing that makes me think something else is at fault is that I can open one instance with no problems, It's only the second instance that causes the hang.

    Anything else?

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    Re: Word 97 & Multiple sessions

    Anything is possible. <g>

    Here reasons behind my suggestions:

    First, there are several temp files that Word uses. If it is trying to create a temp file that already exists, then it can hang, throw a strange error message, etc.

    The fact that you can start one instance but be prevented from starting another makes me think there might be a "rogue" template or add-in causing problems when the next instance starts. For example, it might be trying write a file that was already created in your first instance.

    Additional steps in the article I provided consist of rebuilding and the Data key in the Registry. Although these are least suspect - but you never know and all of the above should be ruled out first.

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