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    MS KBA 310808 (Access 97)

    Edited by HansV to make link to MSKB article live and to correct MSKB number in subject.

    Has anybody had to deal with this problem?

    The problem is using Access 97 with windows 2000. When you use an HP 4000 series printer the print driver will not open or preview complex reports. Does any one have a soloution for this? Were I can find a newer driver? Anything? The article doesn't seem to offer much help. Thanks..

    Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 310808
    Memory Could Not Be Written" Error Message When You Preview or Open a Report in Design View

    <!mskb=310808>Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 310808<!/mskb>

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    Re: MS KBA 310808 (Access 97)

    The MSKB article seems to indicate that the complicated report/Access 97 / Windows 2000 / HP 4000 combination is the culprit. One of the workarounds suggested is to use an older printer driver, for instance the one that comes with Windows 2000. Have you tried that? Otherwise, the ingredient that is easiest to change is probably the printer. Can you print to another printer? The article even suggests that if you have succeeded in running the report on another printer once, you may be able to switch back to the HP 4000 without error.

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