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    Outlook option not sticking (XP/2003 Beta)

    I am running Outlook on a desktop and a laptop (I own two licenses). I like to have a complete set of email on both machines so I have the option to leave a copy of messages on the server checked. Recently, this option in outlook on the desktop machine will not stay checked. Every time I open Outlook on that machine, I have to go into options and recheck it. These are the things I have tried to remedy:

    1. Uninstall and then reinstall office XP. No help.
    2. Install the Beta 2003 version after uninstalling XP. No help
    3. Uninstalling the Beta 2003 version and reinstalling. No help.
    4. Uninstalling the Beta 2003 version, rebooting, then stepping through regedit searching for every mention of Outlook and deleting it, rebooting again, and then reinstalling office. No help.

    The only thing that I can think of doing is reformatting my hard drive and starting over and see if that clears this up.

    Any suggestions?

    Other attempts to solve this problem have been met with frustration:

    1. Microsoft told me to call Dell because that is who sold me the software (thanks alot).
    2. Dell, although very friendly and generally helpful, tried several different avenues, but finally admitted that they had never seen this problem before and suggested I call my ISP.
    3. My ISP also was friendly and helpful, but had no idea why I would be having this problem. They suggested I call Microsoft. (See number 1.)

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    Re: Outlook option not sticking (XP/2003 Beta)

    I can't remember whether this setting is part of your Account settings or your general Options. If it's part of the Account settings, try deleting that account and re-creating it from scratch in case it somehow has become corrupted.

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