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    Combo Box - Max Number of Items that Show (2000)

    I have a table with 230,000 records. In my form, I have a Combo Box which shows the ID number. It will only bring up 65,536 IDs, which I found out is the "magical" number of items a combo box can list. Is there any way to go over this 65,536 so I can show all 230,000 records?


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    Re: Combo Box - Max Number of Items that Show (2000)

    No, the item index of a list box is a 16-bit integer, and 16-bit integers can have 65,536 different values. But anyway, letting the user select one item in a list of 230,000 items is not a good idea - it would take up an inordinate amount of resources and it is not user-friendly. Try to break down the selection process into a few steps by dividing the items into categories, subcategories etc. Then you can use a series of combo boxes to let the user select a category, a subcategory etc.

    For instance, you can let the user select from 70*70*70 = 343,000 items with just three selections from 70-item combo boxes, or select from 25*25*25*25 = 390,625 items with just four selections from 25-item combo boxes.

    If you do a search for cascading combo boxes in this forum, you'll find several examples of how to set this up.

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