Hi all. Hopefully this will be an easy one to answer:

I use the newprof.exe tool to setup our Outlook client for new users. Basically, I run this file (referencing a prf file) that configures Outlook to point to the correct exchange server and user mailbox. In addition to this I use the Office Profile Wizard to configure custom Office settings (including Outlook) that we like to be set as the standard at my workplace.

Recently we've been asked to set the Addressing options under Tools/Services so that "Show this address list first:" is set to "Recipients" and "When sending mail, check names using these address lists in the following order:" with "Recipients, Groups, Contacts, etc."

I have been all over Technet and Premier as well as Slipstick, etc. but have yet to find a way to do this. Newprof's prf file doesn't have a section for these options and the Profile Wizard is not picking up this change when I generate a new OPS file based on my changed settings. Has anyone successfully automated this or been able to locate the registry entry for these options? Any help would be greatly appreciated.