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    Hijacking the 'Modify Style' box (Word 97 SR-2, 2000)


    I have a request to hijack the Modify Style box whenever someone applies a style to itself. As it is now, the default is "Update the style to reflect the recent changes."

    How may I tell Word to set the default to "Reapply the formatting of the style to the selection?"

    I appreciate it.
    Kevin Elmore

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    Re: Hijacking the 'Modify Style' box (Word 97 SR-2, 2000)

    This sounds like a difficult project. That dialog comes up after the user interacts with another control, such as the styles drop-down list or the Format>Styles... dialog. Is this for you? Would it be acceptable to have a macro that "reverts" the selection's formatting back to the style(s) on which it is based? I think that has been posted in the Lounge not so long ago, and it would be a matter of making it easy to apply (e.g., right-click menu or keystroke).

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