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    import from IE (Outlook 98/IE 6)

    Can I import a web page from Internet Explorer into the body of an Outlook message and have it appear as HTML? The web page is coded in ASP, pulls data into a form from an Access database based on username and asks the user to check, update it, and submit to update the database. Works great on the web, but they want it to appear in the body of an email. Thanks.

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    Re: import from IE (Outlook 98/IE 6)

    (To other readers: If you have more questions about what this is all about, you could refer to this other thread.)

    To embed HTML into an Outlook 2000 HTML format mail message, I use Insert File, highlight the HTML file, but rather than clicking Insert, I drop down the arrow on the right side of the Insert button and use Insert as Text. Unless Outlook has objections to the content (it doesn't seem to like framesets, for example), it should be melded into your mail message. It works for many fields, but some seem to get dropped.

    If the page does not have complete URLs for the links, your life is harder, because you have to get IE to convert the links. The only way I have found to do this is the following two step process:

    (1) Save the page as a Web Archive (.MHT);
    (2) Open the saved web archive and save as HTML Only (.HTM).

    You then should be able to Insert as Text the HTM file.

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