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    Failing to Copy from Access to Excel (xp or 2000)

    I have a 2000 database open in xp. When I copy the results of a query into excel the values are being truncated so that they have no decimal places.


    A query based on a table containing number fields (double) gives a record value of 108.08574085. The display format for the field is set to #,##0, with 2dp so that the number displays as 0.11 (this is correct).
    However if I copy and paste the results from this query into Excel xp the cell value in excel is 0 not 0.11 and is treated as text - so I have to multiply by 1 to change it to a value)

    What am I doing wrong? How can I get Excel to recognise the access data as numeric?

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    Re: Failing to Copy from Access to Excel (xp or 2000)

    I guess this is because you have specified both the Format and the Decimal Places property. Access handles this, but apparently Excel (or the clipboard) only looks at the Format property. Try setting the Format property to #,##0,.00

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